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Chip Switzer
Jul 31 2018 10:51PM
"Why is ReadnQuiz all over this site? I'm confused!" For the first few years of QuizWik we did what we started out to do – we kept schools using that old desktop reading program afloat by facilitating the sharing of free TM quizzes. These schools could no longer buy quizzes from that other company. But they could only add 500 TM quizzes into the program and since the program was no longer supported, many were just not working any more. We decided to create a quizzing program, so schools could use the shared QuizWik quizzes. Thus ReadnQuiz.

It’s the same quiz database: QuizWik and ReadnQuiz. If schools are still using that other program, they need to download the QuizWik quizzes and load them into that program. It a school is using ReadnQuiz, the quizzes are all available automatically. Either way, the quizzes are free.

At this time, 99.9% of all the new quizzes shared on QuizWik are written by ReadnQuiz members. There are only a handful of schools still trying to use their old desktop reading programs. We are keeping QuizWik alive to service those still in desperate need of the quizzes.

IntraData has never sought to make money from the shared quizzes. We only sell a quizzing platform, so users can use the freely shared quizzes and continue to add quizzes as needed.
 ReadnQuiz Classroom Edition
Chip Switzer
Jun 11 2015 5:36PM
ReadnQuiz Classroom Edition? We want to know how much interest there is in a classroom edition of ReadnQuiz.
UPDATE: Turns out, there was a LOT of interest.
 ReadnQuiz Progress Report
Chip Switzer
Mar 13 2014 4:30PM
ReadnQuiz is getting close to its first full year on the market. What a year it's been! We developed ReadnQuiz to give schools an alternative quizzing program they can afford and I have to say we've succeeded. We're getting very positive reviews from customers. Want to read some? Click here.

We are also adding more quizzes than we expected. We have many very passionate teachers and librarians who love to read new books, write quizzes and help fellow educators. That's what makes ReadnQuiz and QuizWik work. And it's the biggest reason we are able to offer ReadnQuiz at such a low price.

From feedback we've gotten, teachers love the intuitive simplicity of ReadnQuiz. There are so many features in those other programs that they never used. Students say they like ReadnQuiz better. It's easier to use and they like being able to give feedback on the questions. Feedback is what ReadnQuiz is all about. We take it very seriously since teachers know more about teaching than we do, and students are the best resource for evaluating any quiz question.
 IntraData Develops a Low-Cost Alternative for Reading Accountability
Chip Switzer
May 12 2012 2:38PM
It's time to restore the proper balance of things. Kids before profits to begin with. This last month has put other things in perspective as well. While conversing with many of you about the demise of a very popular and affordable desktop quizzing program, one librarian told me, "Sure, we could use QuizWik quizzes for new books and survive, but we've already used all of our 500 slots." After some time it hit me... We could solve this problem. We have a huge database of teacher-written quizzes and we could easily create a quizzing platform to use them.

We've spent the last three weeks designing that solution, and It's slick. A web-based "Enterprise" quiz program that uses free QuizWik quizzes.

QuizWik has already proven that we can keep up with new books and there didn't used to be any urgency. Now there is. Imagine a few thousand more teachers and librarians added to the QuizWik membership, on a mission to quiz new books and support each other. As QuizWik has proven, IntraData can handle the technology side and you all can handle the quiz side. Who says you need a large company writing quizzes for you, dictating which books your kids read? Last time I checked, teachers do write quizzes for students.

CLARIFICATION: There will be no change to QuizWik. Still free.


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