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PLEASE READ! QuizWik is probably NOT what you think it is.

QuizWik is not a quizzing program.

QuizWik is a quiz sharing service for computerized quizzing programs. It was originally designed in 2010 for schools using the Accelerated Reader(tm) Desktop program, allowing them to augment their quiz collections with teacher-made quizzes for free. Today, there are very few schools still using AR Desktop and we find that the vast majority of those requesting an account believe they are signing up for a free quizzing program like Book Adventure. Or, and this is a very sad fact, they are students looking for a way to cheat on ReadnQuiz quizzes.

If you are looking for an alternative to Book Adventure or that high-priced reading program, consider ReadnQuiz. It is a quizzing program very similar to both in concept. ReadnQuiz has very affordable versions for one classroom teacher, an entire school and homeschool teachers.

We still believe in our original mission: keeping AR Desktop viable for schools who cannot afford the online AR program. We will no longer accept all requests for a QuizWik account. We will accept only those teachers at a school using AR Desktop, or teachers with a very specific need that we can accommodate.

To request a membership:

1. Sign up for an account below. You must use your school email address when you sign up. We cannot respond to requests that use personal emails as we get so many.
2. Send a separate email to info@intradata.com explaining why you need a QuizWik account.

Organizations we cannot accept:
1. Those outside the US and Canada
2. Homeschools
3. Non-traditional schools

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What will you use the quizzes for?
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